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Independent Reviews

Q. Have any independent organizations/agencies reviewed Marine Corps actions to ensure compliance with past regulations?

A: Three independent organizations/agencies have formally reviewed our actions. They include:

• The Fact Finding Panel chartered by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (, whose conclusions included:

• Camp Lejeune drinking water was consistent with industry standards that existed at the time.

• There was no evidence of an attempt to cover up information.

• Various factors contributed to the Marine Corps decision making at the time including a focus on compliance with, and training to meet, existing regulatory standards; resource constraints; inconsistent test results; and inadequate communication among Navy and Marine Corps staff and officials, and with the residents.

• The EPA Criminal Investigation Division/Department of Justice (DoJ) (Congressional hearing transcripts, Exhibit 14: 14.pdf), whose findings included:

• There were no violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and no “instances when data or records [were] intentionally withheld or false data was provided.”

• The Commandant’s Fact Finding Panel report was accurate and “consistent with the findings of the DoJ’s expert witness hired to participate in interviews and to review the Administrative Record and other documents.”

• The Government Accountability Office (, who reviewed the history of the issue and had no conclusions or recommendations for the Department of Defense.

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